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Important note: If you wish to receive financial reports and management reports of fund performance, regardless of your delivery preference, please provide standing instructions by calling Client Relations Department at 1 800 263-4077, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST

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Terms & Conditions

This agreement pertains to the following documents in respect of my Fidelity account(s) associated with my Fidelity Investments Canada ULC (Fidelity) user ID:

  • Confirmations
  • Statements
  • Tax slips/receipts
  • Annual regulatory notice
  • Fund Financial Reports & MRFP

Collectively “the Documents.”

I acknowledge the following:

  • By selecting any or all of the Documents and clicking the “Submit” button, I am consenting to receiving electronic notification when these documents are available online through the Fidelity website (eDelivery). I will access and view these documents online at fidelity.ca/investorlogin when they become available.
  • I am not required to consent to eDelivery; however, by consenting to eDelivery I understand that I will no longer receive printed copies of the Documents in the mail. At any time, however, I may request that a printed copy of any or all of the Documents be sent by mail at no cost to me by contacting Fidelity.
  • “Statements” refers to any account statement, including, but not limited to enhanced account and performance reporting, where applicable.
  • If I have not already done so, I understand that I will need to register for My Accounts at fidelity.ca/investorlogin in order to access and retrieve the Document(s).
  • If the email address I provide on fidelitypaperless.ca is different from the existing email address on My Accounts, Fidelity will update My Accounts with the email address I have entered on fidelitypaperless.ca.
  • Printed copies of the Documents will be sent to me by mail if delivery of the email notification fails, with the exception of the enhanced ClearPath statement (if applicable), in which case I will receive a letter by mail notifying me that the ClearPath statement can be retrieved at fidelity.ca/investorlogin.

I am responsible for

  • Providing Fidelity with a valid email address;
  • Having Internet access, an appropriate version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and an Internet browser in order to retrieve the documents; and
  • Retrieving, viewing, saving and monitoring the availability of the consented document(s).

I/We acknowledge that I/we consent to the eDelivery of the Documents when they become available. I am/we are responsible for providing a valid email address, and notifying Fidelity of any future changes to this email address. I/we can revoke my/our consent at any time by contacting Fidelity, and Fidelity will send the Documents by mail (with the exception of the ClearPath statement, if applicable).

For more on how Fidelity uses your personal information, please read our privacy policy.

I/We have read, understood and accept this eDelivery agreement.

*All documents for your associated accounts will be changed to paperless. You can update your online preferences by document type within your investor account on fidelity.ca at any time.